Way of Work

We create strong experiences with deep and long-lasting commitment. We’ll bring it to you through mutual experiences, impressions and insights where the roadmap is built on strategy. Whether the forum is digital or physical, we create WoW for and for you - because we are what we are called, we are WoW, Way of Work Events!

The way of wow

We are Way of Work Events AB (WoW Events), an event agency that rests on more than 25 years of experience in events and meeting communication and has the strategic weight of a brand agency. Together with our selected partners and expert consultants we create a team that will ensure your event a professional planning and execution.


WoW creates events that engage both customers, employees and end consumers.  

We use strategic innovation to exceed the target group's expectations and to create emotional values. Values ​​and emotions that then guide decisions about a brand. This is exactly where WoW has the ability to create added value and something out of the ordinary. 

Our goal is that every event as a whole should always be rooted in the customer's strategy, brand and values. Our way of working is based on us working as partners and advisers to our customers and the collaboration must be permeated by good communication, honesty and trust.


Together as a team, WoW and our expert consultants offer some of the most experienced and committed event creators in the Nordic region. Some of our recurring functions during the event process are key account manager, strategist, event producer / creative director, project manager, production manager, technical production manager, art director, designer, copy writer etc. 


WoW Events is established as a partly owned subsidiary to Camp Jarl. 

Peter Liljestrand, who owns Camp Jarl, is also a partner in a number of other companies, such as Esportal, Inferno Online (the world's largest physical gaming center), Realtid (one of Swedens largest financial newssite). Read more about Camp Jarl here.


We work with many different corporate clients, domestic and global, and deliver a great variety of their projects, both large and small. 


With our long experience in the meeting industry, WoW has developed several long-standing partnerships with complex organizations with several decision levels, such as E.ON, PostNord, SVT and UHR. 


WoW Events are professional, fast-paced and flexible. They planned and conducted our management conference with 450 participants. WoW handled everything from logistics and graphic production to entertainment, food and external speakers. We are very pleased with their work and the close cooperation we have had during planning and implementation. WoW's employees are very popular internally with us!